POD 24 | But What About The Christian Sexual Ethic?

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Have you ever felt that the Christian sexual standard is overwhelmingly narrow? In this episode, we delve into the topic of Christian sexual ethics with our host, Bill Gorman, and guests Ben Beasley and Nikki Dieker. Together, they navigate the complex landscape of human sexuality, revising Christ Community’s paper to make it more relevant to today's cultural moment. Throughout the conversation, they discuss the theological and practical implications of the Christian sexual ethic, addressing questions about church life, gender dysphoria, and more. They also highlight the importance of community, spiritual discipline, and the pursuit of Jesus in navigating these challenging conversations. Get ready for a thought-provoking and insightful discussion that offers guidance and resources for those seeking to follow Jesus in today's world.

  1. Identity and Vulnerability: They discuss the  importance of questioning one's identity in relation to core beliefs of the Christian faith, and the need for a supportive and safe community within the church, especially in dealing with the vulnerability and brokenness associated with discussing Christian sexual ethics.
  2. Community and Accountability: The significance of being involved in a faith community surrendered to scripture, rich spiritual friendships, and the importance of accountability in living out a Christian life and sexual ethic. The emphasis on the communal nature of faith and the need for support from others in following Jesus.
  3. Spiritual Discipline and Faith: The impact of rigorous spiritual discipline, self-mastery, and faith, including spiritual disciplines like prayer, study, and fasting, in guiding one's life and recognizing and redirecting bodily desires.

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Ben Beasley enjoys communicating God’s Word in speech and writing, and he is interested in the church as a place of transformation for people individually and collectively. He is fond of exploring the many questions of faith and spiritual formation by engaging with the works of authors, poets, and artists. Ben received his Master of Divinity from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and his Master of Theology from Princeton Theological Seminary. 

Nikki Dieker has been on staff at Christ Community since 2017, but has attended the Olathe Campus with her family since 2007. She is married to her best friend Ryan, and has three incredible children, Noah, Calvin, and Hadley. She loves hiking, getting lost in books, coffee, and spending time with friends. Nikki is passionate about connecting people to one another and the church.

"We need each other. And so I think, yeah, we need those mothers and fathers who've gone before us. We need those brothers and sisters who are running beside us. And we need those kids that we're encouraging that are coming behind us."
— Nikki Dieker

“We are all sexually broken. So yeah, it highlights that this is something that rubs up against each one of us in deeply personal places, because we're all broken."
— Nikki Dieker

"The traditional Christian sexual ethic just feels like, to our moral taste buds, it almost feels, like, absurd. It doesn't, you know, like, it doesn't taste well."
— Ben Beasley

"Being involved in a faith community, is key. A community that is surrendered to scripture. That's where life is. And when we follow Jesus, we follow him through his word."
— Ben Beasley


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00:00 Church revises paper on Christian sexual ethics.
06:24 Positive feedback on updated Christian sexuality content.
07:06 Paper revisions respond to evolving cultural context.
12:55 CS Lewis' challenge on following Jesus honestly.
15:14 Modern age of identity questioning and harm.
18:40 Embracing vulnerability, shame, and mental health.
22:58 Growing in faith, friendship, and intimacy experiences.
24:28 Meaningful friendships and accountability are essential.
28:39 Fasting helps discipline desires for a purpose.
32:11 Show notes will provide access to resources.

POD 24 | But What About The Christian Sexual Ethic?
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