Conversations to inspire habits of whole-life discipleship that equip you to more thoughtfully and consistently be formed by God’s word and God’s ways with God’s people. The Formed Life is a resource brought to you by Christ Community Church in Kansas City.

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TFL BLOG | Contemplating People: Listening to the Heart of the God Who Sees Us

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POD 029 | Crafting Tomorrow: John Dyer on the Intersection of Faith and Technology

What does technology have to do with faith, and how does it shape our human story? Prepare to be challenged and inspired as John Dyer, PHD explores the profound impact...

TFL BLOG | Contemplation: The Need to Develop Good Habits of the Mind

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TFL BLOG | What does Mary teach us about undivided attention to Jesus?

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POD 028 | Engaging Culture with Humility: Dr. Darrell Bock on Christian Love and Politics

How do Christians navigate the complex arena of cultural engagement with grace and truth in today's polarized society? In this episode of, Dr. Darrell B...

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